Make your offline ads count.

Reach offline with a click.

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A cloud based offline campaign management and audience insights platform which enables brands & agencies to run interactive offline campaigns with real-time triggers.

Target - Define target audience and deliver targeted content in real-time.

Engage - Build interactive campaigns to engage and collect data

Analyze - Get audience insights (demographics, mood, attention span etc.) using our Computer Vision based audience analytics engine.

Know how many
people saw your ad

Know their gender,
age group and emotions

Show targeted ads
in real time

Analyze statistics
in real time
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A plug and play solution to deploy a digital screen network and generate advertising revenue. An advanced and intuitive dashboard to manage screens, upload content and create sequences to display on the screens.

Deploy - Plug and Play deployment of Screen.

Manage - Publish own Content.

Monetize - Monetize through Ads.

Complete visibility and
control of screen network

Realtime content
delivery to screens

Generate additional revenue
from our Ad partners

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